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Stalwart Services, LLC

We are committed to our name, our service, and our customers

Why You Should 

Choose Us


We are committed to providing personalized service with the highest caliber of integrity and excellence. Our operating philosophy is best expressed by these core values:

Excellence in quality: We set high standards in front of us. But we don’t just set them. The satisfaction of our clients has always been the proof that we have also succeeded in meeting these standards in practice. It is due to the application of advanced methods, industry best practices, ongoing improvement, and commitment to what we are doing.

Client Satisfaction: Building client trust is key to our business. After all, the rest does not matter without it. Thus, realizing the importance of retaining long-term and stable relationships with them, we always develop our Client Relationship Management (CRM) skills; putting great emphasis on teamwork. We don’t percept our clients as an opposite party but take them as a member of the group with whom we have a goal to reach, creating relationships based on mutual trust.

Ethics: We put ethics on the basis of success, as we realize there will be no sustainable progress without it. No one would like to work with a company not respecting ethical and moral values. These values include integrity, fairness, honesty and trust.

Safety: Safety of our employees is a primary task for our company. Thus we do our best to secure them from any kind of accident creating high-standard working conditions.

Sustainability: Having a long vision for success we plan and act for the future, not just today.

Our Team

Great Vision. Great Team.

Kyle Smith

Senior Project Manager

Renata Smith

Onsite Operations Manager

Mandy Newman

Director of Business Development & Client Experience

Alvin Wooten JR

Managing Member

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